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Title Channel Deposition-reducing Technology Using a River Channel Shape
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Contents 1. Outline

Technology to prevent river land-forming and to restore a river bed that can provide livingo rganisms with their habitat

Technology to decrease the flow rate at the event of flood by constructing a river channel, back river channel, and ecological stake,as well as to reduce river land-forming by excluding the silt through the natural down-flow phenomenon

2. Characteristics

Improve ecology connectivity and silt exclusion by constructing a watercourse-type wetland that connects a riverside wetland and a river channel shape

Restore ecosystem by preventing the river land-forming through the natural silt exclusion and by creating a space for an aquatic ecosystem

Improve hydrophilic functionality by not interfering with the smooth flow of the water

Lower the water level and reduce the flow speed energy with the back river channel shape

Secure the tractive force stability by constructing bank protection with natural stones

Be able to expect the linked utilization of watercourse-type wetland and puddle-type wetland within a high water bed

3. Application

Application area: Ecology recovery

Stage of development: Completed

For more information, see the attached file.

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