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Title Composition Technology of Urban Artificial Wetlands with Modular Methods
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Contents Composition Technology of Urban Artificial Wetlands with Modular Methods

1. Outline

* Technology inducing wetlands ecology’s mechanism preventing problems such as algal bloom, generation of single dominants, reduction of diversity of plant species, situation for wetlands to become dry, reduction of open surface of water, situation becoming lands generated in current artificial wetlands caused by separating water space and base space for plants’ growth and development.

* Technology minimizing maintenance/management of artificial wetlands according to encouraging stable growth and development of various wetlands plants and threatened plants which are domestic native useful life resources.

2. Characteristic

* Superiority of technology : enhance the fine view around water’s edge by forming vertical vegetation belt between water ecology and land ecology.

* Technology inducing process of aquatic large invertebrate’s getting along well (Patent No. 10-1010730) : Technology raising variety of species in cities by introducing wetlands ecology to the downtown areas with composing optimized environment for threatened plants which are living in wetlands (Patent No. 10-1459622).

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