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Title Environment-friendly Geogrid Manufacturing Technology
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Contents Environment-friendly Geogrid Manufacturing Technology

1. Outline

* Technology that significantly reduces soil contamination by adhering PVC on the surface of geogrid (polyester).

2. Characteristic

* Replacement method of existing concrete retaining wall or replacement of gravity type concrete, Partial reinforcement role of unstable slope.

* When applied to the site, the soil is penetrated through the grid and the upper and lower layers are integrated without being separated, which makes excellent reinforcing material.

* Protect ecosystem by being applicable to slope stabilization greening business.

* Reduce soil contamination and protect ecosystem by sticking PVC to geogrid surface.

* Reduce costs by improving workability and shortening construction period through reducing material.

* Excellent friction force with soil reinforcement and soil, excellent tensile strength, Steel creep, and installation damage friction property.

* Extension between the plurality of blocks and the cut-out surface that is stacked stepwise inside the retaining wall. And plurality of meshes are formed to fill the mesh with the filler material, thereby preventing collapse of the retaining wall.

* Applied to the ground where general soil and subsidence are concerned while constructing a retaining wall.

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