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Title Evaluation System for Safety of Hazardous Chemical Substances Handling Facilities, and the System Improvements
Attached File 18PP-71-Evaluation_System_for_Safety_of_Hazardous_  File Download Date 2018-12-28
1. Overview
- The National Institute of Chemical Safety ("NICS") affiliated with the Ministry of Environment had its deliberation committee review the alternative safety plans submitted by 3 plants for their 4 hazardous chemical substance handling facilities, which passed the committee''''''''''''''''s deliberation process and were notified to the relevant plants in September.
- This system improvement is intended to apply a safety standard adapted to the site conditions of each plant to enhance the field applicability of a safety plan and boost the plant''''''''''''''''s awareness to its environments, thus preventing chemical accidents at the plant.

For more information, see the attached file.
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