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Title Asia Pacific Green Public Procurement Partnership Project - Viet Nam
Attached File Date 2020-03-20
(Purpose) The Asia-Pacific Green Public Procurement Partnership Project aims to establish the foundation for Green Public Procurement (GPP) and promote its implementation by strengthening the capacities of partner countries and providing support for the creation of a market for environmentally friendly products and services by transferring the experience of Korea in operating GPP and eco-labeling scheme.

(Overview) Viet Nam announced the national strategy on green growth to promote Green Public Procurement and established the National Sustainable Development Goals (VSDGs).

▼ Since the GPP has not yet been fully implemented in Viet Nam, this project is focused on establishing the basis for introducing the system necessary for the implementation of GPP.

▼ The Implementing Agency proposed the legal framework, GPP criteria, and GPP guidelines in the consultation process, and a GPP roadmap for the pilot implementation, an alternative item for pilot implementation, previously prepared since the related regulations for the pilot implementation did not come into effect in the first half of 2018.
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