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Title Introduction of an Auction Procedure of Credit Allocation for CER(Certified Emission Reductions) Trade Rights, as well as of Criteria..
Attached File 18PP-04-Introduction_of_an_Auction_Procedure_for_P  File Download Date 2018-08-29
1. Overview
- In early March 2018, the Ministry of Environment made an administrative pre-announcement of the establishment of/revision to the guidelines that stipulate procedures and approaches that are necessary for the operation of the 2nd planning period (2018~20) regarding the emission trading system introduced pursuant to the Act on the Allocation and Trading of Greenhouse Gas Emission Permits (hereinafter referred to the Act).
- Intended to develop administrative rules that will stipulate details including auction types and auction procedures necessary for the operation of the ''Credit Allocation for CER (Certified Emission Reductions) Trade Right'' system described in the Act.
- Also intended to prepare detailed criteria for the purpose of recognizing outcomes from greenhouse gas reduction programs carried out in foreign countries by domestic companies as locally implemented records.
For more information, see the attached file.
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