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Title A Draft Revision to Subordinate Statutes of the Water Supply and Waterworks Installation Act, with Focus on Strengthening of Water Su..
Attached File 18PP-05-A_Draft_Revision_to_Subordinate_Statutes_o  File Download Date 2018-08-29
1. Overview
- The Ministry of Environment made a pre-announcement of revisions to Enforcement Decree and Enforcement Regulation of the Water Supply and Waterworks Installation Act (the Act) and of a revision to the Rules on the Certification of the Sanitation and Safety Criteria for Water Supply Materials and Products (issued by the Ministry) for 40 days starting from March 14, 2018.
- The revisions to the subordinate statutes to the Act goes into effect from June 13 this year.
- Companies are required to make public the information on their hygiene-certified products whenever any new sanitation and safety criterion for water supply products is added or their water supply products are sold on line.
- These revisions include kindergartens into those who are eligible for lowered water bills and dictate large buildings the obligation to disclose the inspection results of their waterworks.
- The Ministry pushes forward revisions to subordinate statutes for the purpose of improving the management of water tanks and water service pipes.
For more information, see the attached file.
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