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Title Implementation of Fine Dust Countermeasure Actions Inclusive of Phased Execution of Total Dust Management Program in Metropolitan Are..
Attached File 18PP-28-Implementation_of_Fine_Dust_Countermeasure  File Download Date 2018-10-04
1. Overview

- The Ministry of Environment added ''dust'' as a control item to the ECR (Emission-Cap Regulation) being enforced in the metropolitan air emission control areas, and has begun the phased implementation from January 2018.

- To implement the program in phased mode for those common combustion facilities such as the power generation, incineration and others.

- The amendment draft of ''Enforcement Regulation on the Seoul Metropolitan Air Improvement Act'' containing the substances of adjustment of standard concentration for optimum dust prevention facilities, allotment volume calculation method & others was announced on December 2017.

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