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Title Basic Principles of the Water Management of the "Integrated Water Sources Management Vision Forum”
Attached File 18PP-57-Basic_Principles_of_the_Water_Management(1  File Download Date 2018-12-28
1. Overview

- Such topics as the core values, basic principles, and (proposed) targets of integrated water resources management and the (proposed) vision developed
from them were discussed at the Integrated Water Resources Management Vision Forum of Korea.
- The core of integrated water management fundamentally lies in such values as safety, equality, efficiency, democracy, and responsibility.
In order to accomplish those values the basic ideas and principles should include such elements as healthy circulation of water, adaptation to climate change,
principle of equal distribution, sharing of water values, integrated water management, financial optimization, participation by stakeholders, governance, management
of watersheds, and the user pays principle.

For more information, see the attached file.
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