Title [APCC] APEC Climate Center and Korea Meteorological Administration transferred know-how for building an advanced climate information service system to developing countries
Date 2018-09-14 PM 1:15:50 Hit 403

The APEC Climate Center (APCC) held the international curriculum for the establishment of the Global Framework for Climate Service (GFCS) System for the year of 2018 with the Meteorological Human Resources Development Institute in the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). APCC's climate prediction technologies, techniques, and climate information services were introduced to 17 weather or climate related workers from the 16 developing countries at its main building in Haeundae, Busan between 30th August and 5th September 2018.

Between 2013 and 2017, the International Curriculum for establishing GFCS system was hosted by KMA and was carried out as a project to establish equipment and facilities-centric climate prediction system for developing countries. The curriculum held in 2018 was aimed to build developing countries' capacity to offer their climate information services by using the newly built climate prediction system.

It was also aimed to share the climate information service technologies and related experiences of KMA and its affiliated organizations in order to provide the assistance to establish and operate a national climate service system for developing countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

This International Curriculum for establishing GFCS system will be implemented with a fund of Global Climate Service System (GFCS) from 27th August to 14th September 2018 for about 3 weeks. In this curriculum, 17 trainees from developing countries will learn the main structure and element of climate information service system, the climate data recovery, the data management & processing, and the climate forecasting and outlook technologies etc. In addition, they will also learn to know the skills and methods to build the National Climate Service System (NFCS) allowing to produce, access, transmit and utilize national-scale climate forecasting data and services.

The Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) accelerates and coordinates the technically and scientifically sound implementation of measures to improve climate-related outcomes at national, regional and global levels. As a framework with broad participation and reach, GFCS enables the development and application of climate services to assist decision-making at all levels in support of addressing climate-related risks.​

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