Title JRC backs EU nanomaterials inventory as ‘global platform’
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Date 2018-11-08 PM 7:31:11 Hit 165

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) is encouraging global nanotechnology environmental health and safety (nanoEHS) stakeholders to adopt an EU inventory of tools to assess the safety of nanomaterials.


In a recent paper, JRC scientists said the international nanoEHS community should "use, adopt, update and extend" the NANoREG Toolbox inventory.


This includes 544 tools, developed in Europe and globally, and classifies them according to their purpose, type and regulatory status.

The toolbox was developed with support from the EU NANoREG project, which aimed to improve understanding of the environmental, health and safety aspects of nanomaterials in a regulatory context. It ended in February 2017.





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