Title Brazil releases draft law for chemical management
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Date 2018-11-08 PM 7:43:35 Hit 121

Brazil has released the long-awaited details of its draft law for chemical management, a major step in the country's plan to create a national inventory of substances and strengthen the environmentally sound management of chemicals. 

The draft law, released on 17 October, is a joint effort involving government, industry, NGOs and academia. While the rationale, instruments, principles, technical and institutional requirements are now defined, Brazil's legal advisory unit must still finalise the text. The unit does not have the mandate to change the draft substantively, however. 

The document outlines the registration, evaluation and risk management of industrial chemicals. It includes institutional responsibilities for its delivery and penalties for non-compliance. Brazil's aim is to catalogue and control the most hazardous chemicals for health and the environment, and to present a sound management programme. 



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