Title MEPs back plans to revise drinking water Directive
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Date 2018-11-08 PM 7:45:45 Hit 171

The European Parliament has backed tighter limits on levels of lead and chromium in tap water and caps on endocrine disrupting chemicals, as it gave the go ahead to a proposal to revise a 20-year-old Directive on drinking water.

The revised legislation halves maximum limits for lead and chromium, ten years after the Directive's enforcement. It adds limit values for three EDCs to the list of criteria for monitoring water quality. And it puts levels of microplastics under monitoring.

During a plenary session on 23 October, MEPs approved the proposal with 300 votes to 98 and 274 abstentions. Parliament will enter into negotiations with the Council once EU ministers have decided their own position, according to a statement.

The proposal, which the Commission adopted on 1 February, follows a REFIT evaluation of the drinking water Directive. This called for an examination of whether the safety parameters, set more than two decades ago, deal with "existing and emerging pressures".

MEPs accepted the addition of the following EDCs and limit values to the Directive's list of parameters:

  • bisphenol A: 0.01μg/l;

  • beta-estradiol: 0.001μg/l; and

  • nonylphenol: 0.3μg/l.


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