Title Commission Adds New Ship Recycling Yards to Approved List
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Date 2018-12-20 PM 5:44:07 Hit 907

The European Commission has updated list of European ship recycling facilities to include six new yards in the 4th version of European List of ship recycling facilities.


The new yeards include three from the EU in Italy, Finland and Denmark, and for the first time, three yards located outside the EU two in Turkey and one in the United States.


The Commission explained that from 31 December 2018, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation requires all large sea-going vessels sailing under an EU Member State flag to use an approved ship recycling facility included in the European List.


European ship owners own 35% of the world fleet. A large percentage end up being dismantled on beaches in South Asia, under conditions harmful to workers’ health and the environment.


With the adoption of the updated List, the European Commission has taken an important step to help ensure that ships are recycled in facilities that are safe for workers and environmentally sound.


EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella said: “The EU is committed to reducing the impact of EU shipping industry on the environment, including through better protection of environment and workers in ship recycling.


“The inclusion of the first yards located outside the EU is a major milestone and the recognition of very significant efforts and resources dedicated by the concerned yards towards this goal. The updated List will increase the recycling capacity of the European List, and give European ship owners a wider range of recycling options.”




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