Title Waga Energy & Veolia Injecting Biomethane from Landfill into French Grid
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Date 2018-12-20 PM 5:47:55 Hit 958
French landfill gas-to-energy technology firm, Waga Energy, has teamed up with environmental services giant, Veolia, to produce biomethane from Saint-Palais landfill.


The Meylan, France based firm explained that Veolia has implemented its Wagabox® technology, to produce biomethane, a renewable substitute for natural gas, injected directly into the natural gas grid operated by GRDF.


The unit now supplie 3000 homes with clean, local and renewable energy while avoiding 4000 tonnes of CO2 emission per year. The Wagabox unit delivers 98% pure biomethane from landfill gas.


"We are very proud of this first collaboration with Veolia, a global leader in optimized resource management. The highly innovative project that we carried out together in Saint-Palais marks a step further toward fighting climate change,” declared Mathieu Lefebvre, President and co-founder of Waga Energy.


The fermentation of organic matter at storage sites produces a complex gas, composed mainly of methane but also air and impurities.'




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