Name Environmental Daily News
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E-mail webmaster@hkbs.co.kr Homepage http://www.hkbs.co.kr/
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Introduction 1. Overview

Environmental Daily News was published with the object of embodiment of a discriminative newspaper in environmental field in order to provide a valuable contribution to environmental conservation. This newspaper will provide a news story through the veracity of information and present alternative plans to political measures regarding environmental concerns.

2. Brief history

- 2005 Publication of the first edition.
- 2006 Publication of environmental magazine (Monthly magazine)


- Media editorial office
- Management advisory department
- Department of newshounds
- Local board
- Special board
- Editorial department
- Business strategy headquarter
- Photo department
- Broadcasting press section

4. Field of Activity

- Have interviews with environmental experts.
- Transform photographic information into the data.
- put experts articles in the columns
- Publish monthly environmental magazine serially
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