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Introduction 1. Overview

Natural environment journal was published to provide valuable contributions in natural environment conservation through in-depth scientific researches and presentation of useful information regarding issues in the nature conservation. Current status of environmental pollution, destruction in ecosystem as well as governmental environpolitics will be introduced and corresponding researches will be made.

2. Brief history

- 1990 Opening a meeting for the announcement of research on water quality.
- 1995 Inaugural assembly of nature-loving group and commemorative ceremony
for 6th anniversary of foundation.
- 1998 Participation in Korea recycling exhibition at KOEX.
- 1999 Participation in the planning process for Hanam International environment
- 2002 Opening the first ceremony of awarding prizes of nature-loving.

3. Organization

- The editorial office
- Collecting data office
- The advertisement office
- The planning office
- The general affair office
- The international office

4. Field of Activity

- Provides multifarious environmental news such as industrial and energy related issues and political measures etc.
- Provides environmentally knowledge and gratify people's curiosity on environmental issues through Q and A
- Induce the participation of citizens by providing contemporary opinions.
- Have a interviews with public figures in environmental field.
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