Name The Environment and Landscape architecture of Korea
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Introduction 1. Overview

'Environment and landscape architecture' devotes the best efforts to delivery of technical and multifarious information on landscape architecture to the reading public and provides valuable contributions to healthy development of the landscape architecture field in order to build up eco-friendly surroundings.

2. Brief history

- 1982 Publication of the first quarterly edition [The Landscape architecture of Korea]
- 1985 Change the title to [Environment and Landscape architecture of Korea]
- 1987 Establishment of publishing company, Landscape architecture, to publish it in
book form
- 2003 Publication of special edition in commemoration number of 200th journal.
- 2006 Publication of monthly journal from 19th edition.


- The editorial office
- The business planning office
- The publishing department
- The design department
- The editorial board

4. Field of Activity

- Publication of monthly 'The Environment and Landscape architecture of Korea'
- Publication of monthly 'Landscape architecture and construction'
- Provides program lists for landscape architecture event
- Formation of a network for consumer transaction..
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