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Introduction 1. Overview

The environment magazine, attached to headquarter of Samchonpo thermal power generation, is designed to provide contributions to environmental cleanup in the neighborhood for environmental conservation through practical activities as an eco-friendly company.

2. Brief history

- 1978 Starting construction work for Samchonpo thermal power plant
- 1983 Inauguration of Samchonpo thermal power plant
- 1989 Inauguration of headquarter of Samchonpo thermal power plant
- 1996 Thermal power training institute became independent
- 2001 Inauguration of headquarter of Samchonpo thermal power, Korea South-East
Power Co., Ltd'.


- The power plant
- The general affairs division
- The planning department
- The environmental management department

4. Field of Activity

- Conduct a training for prevention of fuel leakage into the sea.
- Conduct practical activities for environmental cleanup in the neighborhood.
- Make improvements in sewerage treatment facilities.
- Conduct research on sediments that are piled up in front of quayside where coal loading is taking place.
- Recycling as a fuel for generation of electric power
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