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Introduction 1. Overview

The environment time was published for the purpose of providing useful information to the people, encouragement to environmental activists, business information to environment related industries and advice to the government for establishing policies..

2. Brief history

- 1996 Inauguration of foundational arrangement committee
- 1998 Inauguration of citizen coalition for observation of environmental pollution.
- 2000 Opening ceremony of the press association, 'Goechang environment guard'
- 2002 Opening ceremony of the press association, 'Suwon environment guard'
- 2005 Expansion and reorganization of the main office.

3. Organization

- The press association of 'Environment guard'
- The administrative office
- The department of newhounds.
- The general affairs section
- Reader division

4. Field of Activity

- Management of regional 'Environment guard'
- Report all kinds of environmental related issues
- Have a interviews with experts in the environmental fields.
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