Name The environmental times broadcasting
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E-mail webmaster@gkbs.co.kr Homepage http://www.gkbs.co.kr/
Introduction 1. Overview

The environmental times was published with the object of providing the veracious information to the general public through an effective crisis management and discussion on the environmental issues.

2. Brief history

- 1992 Establishment of 'The environmental times'
- 1997 Establishment of special environment journal for youngsters
- 2002 Observing 10th anniversary of the foundation and held commemorative symposium.
- 2003 Held a seminar on 'development of water management system'.
- 2005 Joint host to 'World day for water' with Environmental forum of the National Assembly

3. Organization

- The editorial committee
- The planning committee
- The editorial office
- The administrative and editorial offices.

4. Field of Activity

- Report the news on political measures, industries, wastes and water resources.
- Provide information on environmental regulations and other new enforcement regulations.
- Furnish superior environmental cases.
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