Name The partner for life
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Introduction 1. Overview

Monthly magazine, The partner for life, was published with the object of being the mouthpiece of the general public for disadvantages arised by environmental destruction and environmental campaign conducted by environmental organization such as 'Korean Federation for environmental movement'

2. Brief history

July 1993 The first publication of the monthly magazine 'The environment'
August 1993 Changing the title as “The environmental campaign'
2004 Final changing of the title as 'The partner for life'

3. Organization

- The executive office.
- The editorial and advisory committee.
- The general affairs department.

4. Field of Activity

- Report the news about the 'campaign for preservation of environment and life'
- On-site report about environmental events in the inside and outside of the country
- Make a proposal for environmental policy
- Furnish information on life environment.
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