Name Ecomedia
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Introduction 1. Overview

- Ecomedia is a water protector that leads to protect the environment for handing over the heritage to our descendants.
- It has grown into the best media on water and environment in the 21st century.

2. Brief history

Mar. 1987. Registered at the Bureau of Public Information.
Oct. 1995. Held the seminar of Korea-Japan environmental conference.
Apr. 1998. Held the seminar of the Problems of Korea water treatment and countermeasures.
Feb. 2002. Founded the “New Environment Technology” of monthly publication.
Mar. 2005. Held the seminar of the Development of the advanced techniques for strengthening the competitiveness of waterworks industry.
Oct. 2006. Strategy for encouraging eco-friendly buildings.
Jul. 2007. Soil pollution prevention and purifying solution.

3. Organization

- Planning business team
- Advertisementㆍpublicity team
- Editingㆍdesign team
- Informatization team
- Environment monitors

4. Field of Activity

- Establishing publicity strategy of environmental company and making catalogue and CI.
- Advertising eco-friendly technology and products.
- Giving the latest and core information related with water and environment quickly and accurately.
- Building the Databases on environmental information such as environment information, environment company and environment people.
- Encouraging the movement of re-producing and recycling for company and citizens.
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