Name Maekyung Safety and Environment Institute
Tel 82-2-2000-5771 Fax 82-2-2000-5776
E-mail mksel@mkshe.co.kr Homepage http://www.mkshe.co.kr
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1. Overview

- Manage S.E.L Club (Safety & Environment Leaders Club), which is the club for domestic and international companies. Hold Safety Management Awards and National Environment-management Awards. Pursue safe and environmental atmosphere in national companies by giving a certification for Safe health care management, promoting safety education and abroad benchmarking business, events and campaigns.

2. Brief history

- October, 1995, Developed the Maekyung safe management index
- October, 1996 Implementation of Safe health care management evaluation
- January, 1997 Established Safe health care management evaluation committee
- May, 1998 Benchmarking workshop for acquiring the best certification in construction fields
- November, 2001 Implementation of Environment-friendly construction business evaluation
- December, 2002, The 10th Safe Management Awards
- February, 2006 Awarded Governmental Environment-management award (Held by Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
- 2010 Korea Green management Awards

3. Organization

- Audition
- Safety
- Management
- Environment

4. Field of Activity

- Certificate Safe health care management
- Safety education in abroad and international benchmarking
- Produce Safety education books and software
- Build the integrated database
- Korea Green Management Awards
- Safety and Environment leaders' discussion