Name Biological Research Information Center
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Introduction 1. Overview

Biological Research Information Center (BRIC) of Korea was established in Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) supported by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) in January 1996. BRIC has constructed biology-based infrastructure and provided comprehensive biological research information in Korea.
The center also has contributed greatly to the bioinformatics research field of Korea. Since being established, BRIC has accumulated and refined a lot of data gathered from domestic and overseas networks and has opened useful databases and information. BRIC takes up a position as a portal and representative information provider in biological fields of Korea. And the center is one of the leaders in biological research area in Korea

2. Brief History

Apr. 2005 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between BRIC and Korean Life Scientists in the Bay Area (KOLIS)

Mar. 2005 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between BRIC and Korean Consulate in Boston

Nov. 2004 Win "The Best Prize" for 2004 Korean Science Content Cpmpetition for Information Service

Sep. 2003 Development of SPACE GENE" BRIC with POSDATA

Dec. 2001 Start project with Korea Health Industry Development Institute

Aug. 2001 Held 2nd Internetional Symposium on Bioinformatics

Nov. 2000 Held Internetional Symposium on Bioinformatics at PIRL auditorium, POSTECH

Jun. 1999 Participate in the development of a Korea genetic patent database of the Korean Industrial Property Office (KIPO)

Nov. 1998 Participate in '98 National Informationalization Project sponsored by "The Science and Technology Policy Institute,” Seoul, Korea

Mar. 1998 Join the APAN-Korea Consortium, as a Bioinformatics Sub Working Group

Dec. 1995 BRIC founded at the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation's Information Centers Convention, designated as the Biological Research Information Center, BRIC

3. Organization

- Bio-information analysis team
- Bio-research and planning team
- Database and system management team
- Bioinformatics team

4. Fields of Activity

4.1 Construction of biological infrastructure

- Construction of integrated research information DB
- Accumulation of biological information made in Korea and World-wide
- Biological research and development
- Carrying out projects co works with government/institute
- Bioinformatics R and D

4.2 Biological information provider

- Rapid providing for biological and industrial research trend
- Providing for useful tools, program, DB and giving technical supports to users
- Activating international interaction of biological studies

4.3 Online Service

- Research Trends
- Research Information
- Literature Information
- Korean Organism
- BioWebzine
- Cyber Education
- Bioinformatics

4.4 Research Area

- Large-scale sequence analysis
- Automatic genome annotation system
- Gene function Prediction using the phylogenetic relationships of genes
- RNA or Protein secondary structure prediction
- Motif or Coding region estimation
- Finding of the protein-protein interaction by association rule
- functional class classification of proteins from phenotype data
- Pathway analysis
- Post-translational modification estimation
- Analysis of Proteome change induced by several factor(mutation, chemical, environment, etc...)
- Microarrary chip analysis and evaluation