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Introduction Concern for the environment is viewed by many as a rich-country luxury. It is not. Natural and man-made environmental resources - fresh water, clean air, forests, grasslands, marine resources, and agro-ecosystems - provide sustenance and a foundation for social and economic development. Today, the World Bank is one of the key promoters and financiers of environmental upgrading in the developing world.
In 2001, the World Bank Board of Directors endorsed an Environment Strategy to guide the Bank's actions in the environment area, particularly over the next five years. The Strategy emphasizes three objectives:
- improving the quality of life
- improving the quality of growth
- protecting the quality of the regional and global commons
It recognizes that sustainable development, which balances economic development, social cohesion, and environmental protection, is fundamental to the World Bank's core objective of lasting poverty alleviation.

This website provides access to an overview of the Bank's work on these and many other environmental issues and links to relevant activities across the Bank, both in the operational regions and in different sectors with which we work. Information about the Environment Strategy, our Operational and Safeguard Policies, our environmental work in the regions, projects, analytical studies, capacity-building efforts, partnerships, and publications can all be found through the navigation buttons on the left.
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