Name The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asiaand the Pacific ( ESCAP )
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Introduction Introduction

The United Nations Economicand Social Commission fo rAsiaand the Pacific ( ESCAP )
is there gional development arm of the United Nations for the Asia-Pacificregion.

With a membership of 62 Governments,58 of which are in the region,
and age ographical scope that stretches from Turkey
in the we stto the Pacific island nation of Kiribatiin the east,
and from the Russian Federation in the north to NewZealand in the south,
ESCAP is the most compre hensive of the United Nations fivere gionalcommissions.

It is also the largest United Nations body serving the Asia-Pacificregion with over 600 staff.
Establishedin 1947 with it she adquarters in Bangkok,Thailand,
ESCAP seeks to over come some of there gions greatest
challenges.Itc arries out work in three main the maticareas:

· Povertyreduction
· Managingglobalization
· Tacklingemergingsocialissues.
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