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Title PICAFTM Clarifier
Product name PICAFTM Clarifier
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1. Summary

PICAF(Package of Inclined Clarifier with Accelerating Flocculation) is comprised of the multi-stage Sliding Cone and Baffle Plates in a Inner Reaction Chamber.

Owing to this feature, the raw water and flocculant are easily mixed and reacted by gravity force, then this reacted water flows from bottom to the top (up-flow type clarifier) with the process of sedimentation.

Inclined Plates can raise the sedimentation efficiency and guarantee the high water quality for the effluent.

Together, the PICAF only needs 1/4~1/6 times smaller space, compared with conventional type clarifier, because of accelerated sedimentation rate by the inclined plates.

Moreover, this Innovated structure makes the flocculation, sedimentation and even the sludge concentration without any power supply.

2. Features and Advantages
1) Better efficiency and stability for water treatment.
2) PICAF is packaged one-body type clarifier, therefore, it needs no fabrication at construction site, and only installation will be done at site after fabrication is finished in factory. That's why PICAF can reduce construction period, compared with conventional clarifier.

3) PICAF only needs 1/4~1/6 times smaller space, in comparison with conventional and the other clarifier.
4) Lower initial investment cost

5) PICAF is very economical system in operation and maintenance, because of no cost for power supply or repair of motorized items.
6) One-body type can be moved to other places and reused it.

7) PICAF can be fabricated by module base, therefore extension installation is very easy, and additional installation is possible on existed concrete structure.

3. Applications
PICAF type clarifier is applicable to all sedimentation facilities for wastewater or water treatment plant, but special advantages are as follows;

1) Wastewater Treatment Facilities For underground work site including in NATM, TBM, and Sealed TMB as tunnel methods.
2) Wastewater Facilities for Crusher Washing Plant and Crusher Plant
3) Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facilities
4) Mine Wastewater Treatment Facilities
5) Water Treatment Facilities
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