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Title Sludge Redehydration System
Product name Sludge Redehydration System
Model name Sludge Redehydration System Company Aquexkorea Co., Ltd
Telephone +82 31-500-4990 Homepage www.aquexkorea.co.kr
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Product Description

-original dehydrating equipments cause about 80 - 85% and new one lowers up to 75%
-it is before drying and achives to economical treatment cost.
-it is necessary to have for sludges since it has various percentage of water content.
-it lowers percentage of water content of sludge and it is inevitable to have up to renewable energy.

Product Specification / Models

-available to process on real-time and cheap on energy cost to dry
-dehydrate sludge with high percentage of water content with existing equipment
-continuous drying system applied (solids 3% → 10% → 20% → 25~30%)
-non-organic and organic sludge application


-sewage treatment dehydrating sludge
-industrial wastewater treatment dehydrating sludge
-livestock wastewater, slaughter wastewater dehydrating sludge
-construction and pre-construction dehyrating sludge, etc

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