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Title Patented Eco Wash Ball
Product name Patented Eco Wash Ball
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Contents The only Patented Laundry Ball

- 100% Natural Components

- Antibiotic

- Chlorine Neutralize

- Environmentally Friendly


1. O2-ion Wash is a scientifically designed device with 4 types of natural ceramics and 3,000 Gauss permanent magnets which enable washing with less detergents.

2. O2-ion Wash is an optimum washing solution that replaces common synthetic detergents.

3. O2-ion Wash provides excellent performance in cleaning, bleaching and sterilizing. It has been approved and certified by KATRI National authorization Institute.

4. Compared with existing laundry methods, O2-ion Wash saves detergent, water, electricity, time, enhances health and benefits the environments.

5. O2-ion Wash is a state of the art design and is made with patented materials which offer outstanding in performance and effectiveness.

6. O2-ion Wash is a foamless laundry alternative that neutralizes chlorine in top water, protects the skin, preserves the color and extends the life of the fabrics. As a bonus, it does not leave residue on clothes.


1. Wellos Washing Pellets emit powerful far-infrared rays that break water molecules hydrogen-combinations into small clusters. The small clusters get activated and increase the molecular motions, penetration force, and washing power of the water. The ions generated weaken the surface and inter fabric adhesion causing the dirt to come off easily (action usually accomplished by a surfactant in a detergent).

2. Wellos Alkali Pellets provide the pH level that ordinary chemical detergents do and help remove oily dirt from clothes.

3. Wellos Antibiotic Pellets eliminates the mold, pathogenic organisms in the washing machine and activates the water to increase the cleaning strength.

4. Wellos Chlorine Neutralizing Pellets eliminate the chloride compound in washing water, loosen the surface tension of the water and increases the cleaning strength of the water.

5. Function of Magnetized Hexagonal Water.

1) Removes Scale or Rust.

2) Softens Water - The water molecule is transformed into Magnetized water through high pressure magnetic discharge. This process changes hard water into soft water and minimize the size (cluster) of the water molecule.

6. The shape of the Ideal Washing Solution and its projections maximize the surface tension of washing water in order to improve washing power.

7. It cuts off detriment of remained detergent and chlorine in tap water entirely. So, its effective in protecting environment, clothes and human skin.

8. The Noxiousness in a surlactant is substituted by Specially treated permanent Magnets and the Far-Infrared Balls.


1. Prevention skin problem caused by residues of detergent as there is not detergent used for washing.

2. Prevents the oxidation and discoloration of fabric caused by chlorine and retains the electricity of fabrics.

3. Eliminates mold through its powerful antibiotic effect pathogenic bacterial which cause unpleasant odors and uncleanness.

4. With these combined functions, it is not necessary to add any bleaching agent, fabric conditioner and other washing additives.

5. There is no fabric tangle and twist.

6. For people with hypoallergenic, sensitive delicate skin and newborns, the O2-ion Wash is the ideal laundry solution.

7. Economical efficiency, skin health protection and reducing the pollution caused by synthetic detergent. So, it’s like catching three pigeons with one bean.

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