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Title HI-FIM (Hollow Fiber PVDF Membrane)
Product name HI-FIM (Hollow Fiber PVDF Membrane)
Model name HI-FIM (Hollow Fiber PVDF Membrane) Company H2L Co., Ltd.
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Product Description

* Hollow Fiber Membrane with pore size 0.05㎛. Pressure Driven and Outside to Inside Flow Pattern Separate the colloids like algae, bacteria, protozoa and the suspended solids from influent.
* PVDF material with high characteristics for chemical resistant, pollution resistant and chlorine resistant
* Easy expandability per the treatment requirement

Product Feature

* Less energy consumption by the phase separation of the manufacturing process at low temperature
* Pore size below than 0.1㎛ removes fine Suspended Solids, Bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidium which is difficult to remove with the conventional purification treatment
* Condensed outer/inner surface and asymmetric pore structure results pollution-resistant on outside-to-inside stream operation.
* Cost effective approach through local manufacturers with PVDF hollow fiber membrane
* Allow to adapt the membrane process for water purification by the change of metropolitan water law.


* Water Purification: Large/Medium scale water purification plant, industrial water supply pure water generation for electronic, semiconductor and automobile.
* Water Recycling: Reclamation by the treatment of effluent from sewage and waste water.
* Sewage Wastewater Treatment: Install Membrane System after the biological for the replacement of existing precipitation, filtration and disinfection and reduction of sludge volume.
*Others: Waste Water from industrial plant and livestock, Leachate treatment etc.

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