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Title Turbo-Fan Specially Designed For High Efficiency
Product name Turbo-Fan Specially Designed For High Efficiency
Model name Turbo-Fan Specially Designed For High Efficiency Company Wooyangeng Co., Ltd
Telephone +82-31-434-2919 Homepage http://www.wooyangeng.co.kr/
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Product Description

DUSCOL BF-Series, Realization of increase in suction power by 10% with same motor capacity and of low noise by specially designed Turbo-fan, Realization of low noise design , Powerful but quiet auto vibration function effectively and quickly shakes dust.(MA-Type)

Product Feature

Turbo-Fan Specially Designed for High Efficiency The same motor capacity was designed increase of inlet air flower 10% and low noise by high effectiveness Turbo-fan. Motorized Auto-Shaking System(MA Type) Stamp the dust effectively in a short time by powerful and quiet auto vibration function. Monitor Displays the Dust accumulated in filter. Analog manometer indicates operational status and dust accumulation. warns user of abnormal shaking and indicates when to change. easy Bag Filter Exchange Easy to change with simplified integral type of bag filter Wider Choice of Options Wider choice options and availability as per needs(Hooper, Rotary valve, Flexible Arms... etc)
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