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Title DW series metering(dosing) pump
Product name DW series metering(dosing) pump
Model name DW series metering(dosing) pump Company Dong-il M.T Co.,Ltd.
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This product is steady seller like books. Since launching the product in 1993, there has been no revision of product design. The reason is it doesn’t need to. It is wonderful product design so that there are no defect and malfunction at all. If operator maintain well, it should works above 10 years.
 The motor is 3 phase, 220/380v. The type is diaphragm metering pump. According to fluid type, material of head can be changed such as PVC, SUS304, 316, TEFLON, PVDF. The range of capacity is from 50cc/min to 35000cc/min, but attach the head one more in parallel, capacity might be double.


1) Steady seller, it has been sell above 40,000 since launching the product.
2) Reliable, Accuracy, Wonderful design, Depends on operation circumstances, it works more than 10 years.
3) It is possible to attach pump head in parallel, so that the capacity is double. It can be overcome the limit maximum capacity.
4) It is possible to adjust capacity automatically by attaching SERVO UNIT which gets information from PH meter.
1) Discharge capacity : 50cc/min ~ 50L/min(in case of duplex head)
2) Material  : PVC,SUS304,SUS316,TEFLON,PVDF
3) Motor : 3 phase, 60Hz,220/380v,IP44(standard)
440V,50Hz, anti-explosion, waterproof motor in special order
4) 30% ~ 100 % adjust flow capacity
5) viscosity : below 1000cp
6) operation temperature: PVC(0~50), SUS(0~80)
7) connecting type: flange(standard), hose(optional)
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