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Title Dr, BoomerangAutomatic recycler
Product name Dr, BoomerangAutomatic recycler
Model name Dr, BoomerangAutomatic recycler Company ECOSAVE
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Dr, BoomerangAutomatic recycler for can and PET bottlePatent No : 10-0895871Resource Recycle RVM EcoRobot, Dr. BoomerangEcoRobot Dr. Boomerang is the ‘Resource Recycle’ type eco-friendly machine that designed to automaticallycollect the cans and PET bottles, reducing the social cost and time for its recycling, and rewards users with mileage points
 (OK Cashbag, transportation card).
•Networked via wire/wireless internet
for real time information transmission
• Magnetic card reader for
membership card
• Receipt with
- Credit points
- Coupon
- Commercial ad
• Collect bin
- 55 liter (14.5 Gal)
- 350 cans and
120 plastic bottles
• Eject door for
unidentified object
• 17” LCD Monitor for
- Commercial ad
- Display reduced amount of CO2
- On board diagnostics
- Motion detector activates screen
and voice announcement
• Bar code scan - Search
Database - Retrieve info
• Human Body Sensing
• Motor driven multi-comprescompression
module: 30 pieces/min
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