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Title Dewatering machine
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Main image 에이알케이_1.jpg  Date 2017-12-15 PM 5:29:47
New sludge treatment equipment excellent for strong concentrations High performance, high efficiency (sludge inflow over 15,000 mg/l)
RT-Type which is suitable for relatively high concentrated sludge, this type is structure with dehydrator body aggregation and mixing tank.
 - RT-Type's principle is as sludge flows into the mixing tank's inlet part by sludge feed pump from the sludge storage tank and mixing with polymer.
- Sludge flowing into the bottom side of mixing tank is stirred by an agitator which is installed top of the tank.
 - The aggregated sludge will be separated out as floc and remaining water. This treated floc and water enter into multi-disk type screw.
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