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Title Pump Servo unit
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Servo unit - Adaptable unit for entire model
It adjusts flow capacity automatically with information from PH meter. It is able to control discharge volum of metering pump automatically by the input signal of flow, ph, turbidity etc(DC 4~20mA/+1~+5v)
 Features:
1) Auto-control by the input signal(Diversity)
2) The whole type Servo unit
3) Various Controlling mode(Fixed Quantity)
4) Protective function for servo motor(Durability)
5) Handiness of system(Simplicity)
 Spac.:
1) Input signal : 4~20mA, 1~5V DC(Impedance : 250)
2) Voltage : 1 110v, 220v AC 50/60Hz
3) Protection : Equivalent to IP54
4) Installation : Indoor or Outdoor(Except hazardous area)
The typical usage is waste water treatment, water and sewage refinery, swimming pool, Sterilizing water, City waste water, Feeding antiseptle, Feeding various medical fluid, chemical handling factory (cloth, acid process, plating) and so on. In addition, it is used in the process of transmitting chemical fluid correctly.
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