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Title Spiral-vortex type-SBR
Product name Spiral-vortex type-SBR
Model name Spiral-vortex type-SBR Company SANGWON EnC
Telephone 82-2-2666-5100 Homepage http://www.sangwonenc.com/new/en/main/main.php
Email swenc@chol.com Application Part Wastewater Treatment, Energy, Construction&execution
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Overview of technology

Principle of spiral-vortex type-SBR method

It applies the advanced treatment technology for removing contaminants from sewage and wastewater and discharge the treated water with air-vent type discharge system without disruption by controlling the air supply and agitation, depending on concentration of inflow water, through prediction and proportional control of DO concentration based on rotation number of speed variant floating aerator and DO gauge.

Characteristics of Spiral-Vortex type SBR Technology

Technical aspects

Minimization of bioreactor components
Simple and convenient construction
Ensuring the highest quality of treated water
Operation know-how
Response to fluctuation of concentration load
Response to fluctuation of flow load

Economic aspect

Reduced facility cost
Reduced labor costs
Lowest power consumption
Reduction of construction cost

Maintenance aspect

Constructed of technology-intensive compact equipment
Simple process configuration
Reduced maintenance costs
Excellent load capacity
Unmanned operation
Automatic control
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