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Title Submerged Flat Sheet Membrane Of MBR
Product name Submerged Flat Sheet Membrane Of MBR
Model name Submerged Flat Sheet Membrane Of MBR Company KOReD CO LTD
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Product Description
Membrane Biological Reactor(MBR) technologies successfully treat municipal, commercial, and industrial wastewater resulting in high quality treated water for discharge and reuse applications these days. 
This state of art technology in “Neofil®”(Submerged flat sheet membrane) is the unique solution to meet the standard of water treatment. 

Product Feature
* Excellent water quality through the complete separation. 
* Reduction of excess sludge by operating with long SRT. 
* Simple process of treatment. 
* Easy Maintenance & control. 
* Easy modification & upgrading of existed facilities. 
* Hydrophilic membrane surface
Product Specification / Models
* Model : Neofil® 
* Membrane Type : MF 
* Module Type : Flat sheet membrane 
* Material : Polyethersulfone 
* Pore Size : 0.2㎛
* Sewage wastewater 
* Municipal wastewater treatment system 
* Livestock wastewater 
* Septic tank 
*Food factories wastewater