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Title Cryogenic blower
Product name Cryogenic blower
Model name Cryogenic blower Company Neuros Co., Ltd
Telephone 042-865-7300 Homepage http://eng.neuros.com/
Email neuros@neuros.co.kr Application Part
Main image hang002.jpg  Date 2018-04-27 PM 2:30:00
Cryogenic blower
This product is a core component of closed-circuit thermal control system, which is used to verify the performance of a satellite component, and it can circulate both high and low temperature fluid
 Features
• Centrifugal compressor
• Single stage
• High speed PMSM, Speed control by VFD
• Water cooled insulating device
• Seal applied to prevent fluid leak
• Possible to apply working fluids in various ways (Argon, helium, oxygen, etc), to expand its uses for metal, medical treatment, and solar battery.