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Title Portable Wearable Air Purifier/WAP-10
Product name Portable Wearable Air Purifier/WAP-10
Model name Portable Wearable Air Purifier/WAP-10 Company
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Email Application Part wearable, portable air purifier, hepa filter, negative ion
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Possible to USB charge, removal fine-dust, pollutant by HEPA filter and negative-ion purified method.

Feature :
1. By applying HEPA filter, inhale the contaminated air and supply clean air.
2. By Secondarily generating negative-ion, it removes the residual contaminants and directly supplies purified air.
3. With effectively removing the harmful elements for human body, it is an active air purifying device which directly supplies purified air to end-user’s nose.
- Size : 250*55*270mm
- Weight : 230g
- Battery: 2,600mA rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- Wind volume : 50m/h
- Negative-ion generation rate : 150million/30cm
- Charging time: DC5V/1A (about 4 hours)
- Power consumption : 1W
- Operating time:
  1Stage(negative-ion) – approx. 26 hours.
  2Stage(negative-ion & airpurifying mode) – approx. 13hours.
- Origin: KOREA
- Product classification : Portable Air Purifier
- Wearable Air Purifier which is easy to carry on.
Wearable device, which is possible to remove the contaminants such as dust, pollens etc. anywhere by wearing it on the neck.(suitable for various users such as office, subway, car-driver etc.)
- A simple recharging type.
Available to charge and use by applying large capacity lithium-ion battery with USB charging method.