Title Korean Local Government Supplying FCEV Is Being Broadened
AttachFile 17IS-26_Korean_Local_Government.hwp.pdf  Date 2017-10-20
Contents 1. Overview

- The Ministry of Environment participated in the opening ceremony of Changwon's first fuel cell electric vehicle (hereinafter "FCEV") fueling station to expand the supply of FCEV to local governments.
* In this ceremony participated 200 persons including Vice Environment Minister, Changwon city mayor, participating companies in constructing fueling station, officials in FCEV-related companies, etc.
- The MOE has carried forward the supply project of FCEV and hydrogen fueling station since 2013 and plans to supply 310 FCEVs and 16 fueling stations nationwide at accumulative basis by this year. They had expanded 121 FCEVs and 6 fueling stations until last year.
* Since the first hydrogen fueling station was constructed at Jingok, Gwangju in 2014 as the supply project by MOE, the hydrogen fueling station is gradually expanding like fueling station at Changwon city.

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