Title MOE Applies 4th Industrial Revolutionary Technologies to Management of Livestock Excretions
AttachFile 17IS-29_MOE_Applies_4th_Industrial.hwp.pdf  Date 2017-10-20
Contents 1. Overview

- The MOE has checked the operation situation of the mandated electronic handover management system of pig farms greater than permitted scale since January, 2017 and as a result, 5,299 farms which are 117% compared to the goal at the end of March are successfully utilizing the livestock excretions electronic handover management system (hereinafter "LSNS").
* The LSNS has been mandatory at 4,526 pig farms greater than 1,000㎡ in permitted scale since January this year and will be mandatory also at pig farms to be reported less than 50~1,000㎡ from January, 2019.
* LSNS applies to : Pig farms, person recycling livestock excretions, livestock excretions public treatment facility, livestock excretions treatment agent, livestock excretions collector‧carrier, liquid manure spreading agent (Livestock Excretions Act, 3 of Article 37)

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