Title The 2014 Survey Result of Chemicals in Circulation Announced by the MOE in 2017
AttachFile 17IS-30_The_2014_Survey_Result.hwp.pdf  Date 2017-10-20
Contents 1. Overview

- 'Statistical survey of chemicals in 2014*' announced by MOE in 2017 shows that 496.93 million tons of 16,150 chemicals were circulated at 22,661 workplaces handling chemicals.
* Unlike 'survey on output of chemicals' finding out the amount of chemicals being discharged into air․water system․soil, it is intended to grasp the current situations of total circulation of chemicals manufactured․imported․exported in Korea.
- Grasping the handling state such as kind of chemicals, manufacture, importation, usage and exportation of chemicals being handled in Korea, the results are used as preliminary data to manage the safety of chemicals, respond to any accident, fulfill the international agreement, etc.

For more information, see the attached file.
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