Title Waste Treatment Industry Market Prospects in Korea
AttachFile 17IS-33_Waste_Treatment_Industry.hwp.pdf  Date 2017-11-01
Contents 1. Overview

- For the Korean society to jump up to the resource recycling society, the field which we shall use the biggest efforts will be the domestic waste-related industry.
* According to 'Sudokwon landfill site statistical yearbook vol. 14' released in August, 2017 by Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation (SLMC), the nationwide waste amount in 2014 is 141.80 million tons increased by 1.7% compared to the previous year (139.46 million tons).
* This increase of waste appears to be increasing more and more, but appears to slightly go slower than rate of change in 2012 (2.3%) and therefore there is a bit of hope for the prospect of volume of waste.
* And, as the incineration and landfill method in the disposal, it is considered Korean waste disposal industry is going through the change of constitution.

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