Title Institute of Technology for Environment Health and Safety Expert
AttachFile 16CEO-6_Institute_of_Technology_for_Environment_Health_and_Safety_Expert(12).pdf  Date 2016-09-02

Institute of Technology for Environment Health and Safety Expert in Environment·Safety·Health Technology

* Institute of Technology for Environment Health and Safety is a company that makes every effort to become a global research institute for environment, health and safety in 2005. By adopting high-tech equipment, we measure and evaluate the hazard and safety in the fields of environment, health, and safety. Also, we are doing various works including Indoor air quality measurement and evaluation, asbestos investigation and analysis, laboratory precision safety diagnosis, and research and development (R & D). In addition, we are securing international competitiveness by continuously expanding our business scope in preventing environmental diseases fatal to children and elderly. 
Q. What is the philosophy you have pursued as the CEO of a company?
A. EHC is an acronym of Environment, Health, and Safety. Our goal is to develop technologies related to environment, health, and safety and to do the work that has top priority on public health protection. Therefore, we are working to advise the people about the problems quickly and accurately and to consult on the issues to be improved. I think the most important thing to do such tasks is honesty, sincerity, and professionalism.
Q. What is the major goal of this company?
A. Based on honesty, sincerity, and expertise, we want to be an environmental company that young people want to work for the most and an environmental company recognized by the world.
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