Title Ecoday Co., Ltd, A Leader in High Concentration Wastewater Treatment
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Ecoday Co., Ltd, A Leader in High Concentration Wastewater Treatment

* Ecodays Co.,Ltd has been fully dedicated to production of bio-energy and elimination of contaminants by making everyday Environment Day. It has domestic source technologies in high concentration wastewater treatment and bio-gas industry. Ecodays Co.,Ltd obtained new environment technology certification in 2009 based on its bio-gas production technology and has been recognized with grand prize of environment-friendliness, prize from the Minster of Environment, etc., and designated as excellent environment business since 2011. This company is striving to make cleaner Earth, standing firm in its belief that proper treatment of contaminants can make a significant change in environment. 

Q. What is the business philosophy that you uphold as a corporate executive?
A. We are moving ahead with concentration of resources to ensure that our products have practical influence on environment and economy and help create high profits. 
Q. What is the vision of your company?
A. High concentration organic wastewater treatment sector has lagged behind other sectors in technology development. Our company aims to secure high profitability through organic waste resource recovery and stabilization. 
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