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DONG MYUNG ENTERPRISE qualified with Environmental technology accumulated for 30 years with challenge and creation
* Dongmyung Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a robust comprehensive environmental company having history over 30 years since its establishment in 1986. As the serial-number 1 company for soil purification business under the Soil·Environment Protection Law, it is the remarkable environmental company growing based on various environmental items such as atmosphere, water quality, waste as well as soil. Under the corporate philosophy of "Environment-oriented·Future-oriented", it is creating various business items based on R & D business in relation to prevention of environmental contamination.
  In the atmospheric field, through the development and commercialization of Stage I, Stage II, and Vapor-Capture systems, it re-claims and recycles the oil vapors generated by gasoline. And in the soil and underground water field, it has been acknowledged the technical skills by proceeding with the development business of ATG(Auto Tank Gauge – Automatic detector for oil leakage) which prevents the contamination of soil and underground water due to the leakage in the oil storage tank, and we are contributing to prevent soil environment contamination in the oil handling facilities such as gas stations, industries, military units, etc. by detecting the oil leakage in the oil-transferring pipes as well as in the oil storage tank by completing development of Total Leakage Monitoring System.

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