Title Ebo-em-tech, Corporation developing Korea’s No.1 technology
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Ebo-em-tech, Corporation developing Korea’s No.1 technology With waste energy
* Inc. Ebo-em-tech, which developed Korea’s No.1
- BFBC, is the corporation which has endeavored to the development of technologies steadily with concluding MOU, interchange of technology in Swiss CTU社 routes for combustion.
- As a result of endeavor for about 10 years, the corporation completed with registration of patents about technology combusting boiler in bubbling fluidized bed and combusted-air nozzle technology in fluidized bed in 2015.
- Inc. Ebo-em-tech obtained certification as the specialized company of installing new and renewable resources based on technologies with waste energy in 2014, and obtained certification from venture business in 2015
- The company with high-speed growth provides solutions enhancing the degree of completion of technology with waste energy, and this company are preparing for developing new markets ino rder to offer the superb technology with high competitiveness in the aspects of costs for investment and management.
<CEO’s Objectives and Ideas concerning managing environment>
Q. What is the leadership pursued as the manager of the corporation?
A. It is engineering leadership. The leader should offer technologies with superb quality which are beyond current ones and be prepared with outstanding abilities in the field of operating, planning, building for creation of technologies. Therefore, I pursue the engineering leadership practiced through the long-time local experience.
Q. What is the vision the corporation want to achieve?
A. Our vision is to be the leading company in the field of technologies with waste energy through enhancement of productivity of energy and reduction of air pollutants, by maximizing efficiency of secured techniques through continuous R&D.
Q. What are examples overcame in the crisis when you are developing new markets?
A. The biggest problem was lack of money at the early stage of business. I managed the company with the help from family and friends because of lack of abilities to invest to costs for R&D. But I solved the problem with money by enhancing company’s credit with developing technologies and working on sales business.
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