Title Modular Furniture Using Coffee Wastes (coffee byproducts) as Raw Mateirals, “C-Fun” Tre, Inc
AttachFile 16CEO-9_Modular_Furniture_Using_Coffee_Wastes_(coffee_byproducts)_as_Raw_Mateirals,_C-Fun_Tre,_Inc..pdf  Date 2017-01-06

Modular Furniture Using Coffee Wastes (coffee byproducts) as Raw Mateirals, “C-Fun” Tre, Inc.

* Based on a concept to "Make a tree, not cutting it down", TRe Inc. combines our designers' creative and innovative ideas to achieve "a pleasure created by all", rather than "a pleasure just for one", seeking for understanding of upcycling and ethical design which protects environment.
* A word "TRe" means to save trees by recycling trash. The main color, black, is an achromatic color, and also at the same time, an absolutely balanced color that contains all of the colors on the earth. As black tends to absorb light and keeps it within itself, it symbolizes a primitive, potential energy. Through this color, TRe represents the infinite possibilities it has.
* TRe Inc. is an upcycling-specialized company comprised of the experienced professionals from various fields, including construction, interior, and furniture. Basically, all our upcycled products are made with trash. Not simply mass-produced, but elaborately hand-made, each of them are handled with utmost care. Especially we consider its compatibility with the space to be the most important. 
* Besides the production of upcycled products, such as building materials, furniture, and light, made with trash, Tre Inc. also provides a total upcycling service ranging from planning to design for innovative reuse of trash from companies and establishments, based on our creative ideas and broad experiences

Q. What was the reason for selecting this field?
A. I was originally majored in architectural studies and working at an architecture office after entering the college and gained experience in an interior company.
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