Title Portable Water Power Generator Which can be Used Anytime while Traveling - Enomad
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Portable Water Power Generator Which can be Used Anytime while Traveling - Enomad
* Enomad is a combined word of energy and nomad. We are a company which develops a small waterpower generator by making energy from flowing water for stable and efficient electricity supply so that it can be used freely where there is no electricity infrastructure. We are a social venture enterprise established on December 27, 2013.
Q. What was the reason for selecting this field?
A.The director Ki Hwan Noh, the joint representative other than me, was a former colleague of mine.  We installed marine plants and developed water power generator which produces mass energy by turning turbines.  Water as energy has very high potentials.  But, the existing method of development repeated vicious cycle of fossil fuel power generation.  The current energy is produced into mass electricity by building a big power generator and sends far through electricity cords. Accordingly, inevitably, there is a lot wasted.  While it is being sent through electricity cords, 70%~ 80% of it disappears. New renewable energy is being developed using this method. On the other hand, places like Gangwondo without electricity infrastructure cannot continue to use electricity.
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